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Sunday, February 22, 2009, 11:58 PM

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hi semua!!! I'm Back..!!!!


Hi semua~maaflah sebab dh lama rein xUPDATE blog.maklumlah..banyak commitment yg perlu d'utamakan dahulu.alhamdulillah~ sekarang rein akan cube meluangkan masa yang ada untuk menulis blog.well~ pape pon.just want to say. I MISS MY WRITING BLOG ANG ALSO MY FOLLOWER..^.~ .Hmm..xde idea nk cerita.so apa yg nk di ceritakan ehk??hmmm...wOkeh~so bahan untuk rein citerkan is about all my final project for last sem..

Digital Media:
This sem I've learn all about font.macam2 la yg baru rein tahu about FONT.what type?what it purpose?how to play with it?so for final project i should play the font with motion. But i was done with my cikai2 video.Maaflah~mostly i learn how to design and put in rite composition.but lastly i should put in video.Beside software i had use, i didn't familiar with it (Adobe After Effect).So ni jela yg the best i can do~. Menumpang wat kje kt pc org mne leh lama2..

Digital Photography:
Orait~ for this final project. I've learn about Rule of Thirds in photography. The task is, by using that method i should put 6(six) 1.Leading Line
2.Pattern & Shape
6.Foreground Frame

Human Factor:
This subject i learn all about humanity.But for final task is diffrent.I need to understand meaning of semiotic and Methaphor.Quite fun jugak.sebab kena jalan2 sambil bring my 3rd wife (DSLR Canon) and snap any sign or methaphor object.penat weh~ sbb kt malaysia nih sume sign sama jew EXCEPT yg methaphor.

Korean Language:
eXtually for this subject xde final project pon.But then,time oral best.fasih betul ckp korean.huhu~ hope dr kelas nih ada rezeki rein dpt g korean.At least i got basic...amin~

Video Post Production:
For this part final project.I dont want to comment anything.Thanks to my group for your cooparate and team work.Im sorry, i try to do my best.But that it i got only..Sorry~

Finally, I ended my 2nd semester.Got a lot many kenangan and drama~.Happy, Sad,and till i tied with this life. But then I'm still go thru follow the flow.Tuhan je tahu kisah hidupku~.

Tazkirah Hari Ini:
Sebuah musibah akan menjadi kenikmatan jika kita berhasil menyingkapinya dengan syukur, sabar dan tawakal serta mampu mengambil hikmah dari setiap kejadian.