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Sunday, February 22, 2009, 11:58 PM

Monday, April 13, 2009

Cyber Fusion'09


"Malaysia’s bid to smash the Guinness world record of the longest LAN party with over 250 hardcore gamers taking part. Current Guinness book record was set in 2008 at the Nvision event in the US. The record had 203 gamers playing for 36 hours over a LAN."

(mmg hovoc; mmg happening!)
Event nih kat Grand Hall MMU Cyberjaya. So dah alang2 dah kat MMU....pegi la tgk. Rein pergi dgn bestie rein. Fatin, Shijo, Datu n Alan! (Baru Kenal) Event nih start from 10th -12th April 2009

Beside jus sokong org yg main non-stop nih, ader gak2 booth2 keliling 'gelanggang'. Jom ikut rein,check out it out~

(mcm best jer game Wanted!)

(Wahhh! Datu n graphic card bergerak!)
Record tuh dipecah! Beat by 40 hours of non-stop gaming!

(5 more mins!)

(xsangka penonton pon x tido-tido)